Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ruby Sneaks off Again at the Joneses

One more stop before the family reunion - visiting Tyler and Dusti Jones who recently moved to Bellingham, WA.  Bellingham is an incredibly delightful community near the water and just below the Canadian border.  The Summer weather is cool  The area is lightly wooded.  The company: fantastic!!!

The wild flowers around the area are very cool, and evidently the "pitter-patter" and delighted shrieks of 6 children proved too much for Ruby.  (Interestingly for me, though north western Washington is obviously inhabited by an environmentally concerned populous, who love, LOVE, LOVE their natural setting, it has not escaped the stain of trashy human disregard for both environment and community.)

Ruby spotted this abandoned lounger on the side of the road near the Joneses apartment and took off to relax and enjoy the local flora and fauna.

Sunday Afternoon, it's off to visit more friends:  the Volz family who are in Federal Way (just south of Seattle) while in the US for a few more weeks before heading back to their vital work in Uganda.  

Thanks to the Joneses who made this stay possible for us and so very fun!!!


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