Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ruby Plays at the Joneses

We had one more play time with the Joneses before leaving Bellingham, and Ruby got in some play time with Tyler. (It was his only real day off during our visit.)  Tyler was tossing his girls in the air and Ruby had to get in on the action.  You can't really blame the girl, the other six kids had been having all the fun for the previous day and a half.  Seriously, you would have thought those 6 kids were 30 kids on a roller coaster if you had measured the excitement.

Mason and Micah made quite a connection.  Merritt became Eden's entertainer.  And Asher and Molly were fast friends, sharing stuffed animals and so much more.  (What more could Asher want?  Molly was someone to mother and someone to play with all the little girl things that she is nearly growing out of...)

Well, Ruby had to get in on this last bit of action and being the oldest of the girls (circa 1950), she had to prove that she could fly higher than the rest of them too.

We shared a last supper with the Joneses, gave hugs all around, and waved a tearful good bye.  I didn't hear Ruby or Molly crying, but the boys in my car sure did.  They really did have a wonderfully fun visit with some terrific friends... AND SO DID WE!

PS.  Sorry Tyler for showing off the bald backside of your head so many times in succession.


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