Monday, July 26, 2010

Ruby's Road Trip Days 1&2

For the ride on our first day, Ruby couldn't just lay down with the rest of the inanimate objects in the cargo area of the van.  She peeked up and looked over Merritt's shoulder for the whole ride.  When Rhonda caught this shot, it looks like Ruby may have been coveting Merritt's Fedora and moving in for the grab.

Molly has accepted Ruby as a sister and plays with her like the boys play with one another.  Here's a little Barbie time they shared this evening.  So far they don't argue quite like the boys, so we'll see if it's really like a sibling relationship.  Although Molly is still wearing her swimsuit from an afternoon by the pool, Ruby didn't join us for the swim.

On our way out to the Yogurt Factory for an after dinner treat, I caught this paparazzi shot of the Molly escorting her friend into the shop.


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