Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meet Ruby

Well, all the votes have been cast.  I even threw in a few of my own, hoping that my Life Group would see her as I do.  They didn't like "Sarah Pearl," the name of one of my mother's cousins who my grandfather thought to be the homeliest woman who ever lived.  Her name is forever synonymous with un-pretty in my family now.  I also put in the name "Roxy Heart," and homage to the musical Chicago, in which the character Roxy Heart continually chases fame and degenerates into the most base kind of person in its pursuit.

Well, after all the votes were counted, RUBY was the stand out winner.  It seems that a handful of the group had that name come to mind before ever hearing the list.

The winner of the $10 i-tunes gift card is.... TERESA FROM SEATTLE.

We'll try to upload a few pics of Ruby as we travel over the next couple of weeks, but Her full adventures may not appear until we return after the first week of August!


Anonymous August 18, 2010 at 1:24 PM  

YAY! I'm the winner! Love it....I am enjoying the pictures of Ruby's adventures! It looks like you guys had a wonderful trip.
Thanks for the itunes gift card!
Teresa from Seattle

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